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Booking will resume at that time


I have a booking system in which appointments are accepted via online submission form on the 1st of every month. The online form will be available until enough submissions are received to book the following month; typically within 24 hours.

All accepted projects will receive a call to confirm their appointment(s). Sifting through submissions can take some time, so your patience is greatly appreciated! Once calls are made and the following month has been filled, an announcement will be made on Instagram that the books are closed.

If you are interested in a consultation prior to making an appointment or before an existing appointment, you’re more than welcome to visit the shop anytime I am working to discuss tattoo details. Please give the shop a call to confirm that I am available for a visit (818)763-5910. My schedule is Monday – Friday 11am-6pm.



Where can I find the online submission form for an appointment?
The form is only available on the 1st of every month for roughly 24 hours, which can be found here. The form will be inaccessible when books are closed.

Can I submit more than once?
Submitting the form more than once does not increase your chances for an appointment.

Is there a cancelation list?
The cancelation list is strictly for current clients who have unfinished projects.

Can I pay an extra incentive to get an earlier appointment?
Nice try! But no dice.

How much will my tattoo cost?
A $200 artwork deposit is required for all first time clients. This deposit will go directly towards the price of the tattoo, or your first session for larger pieces. The hourly rate is $200, or a flat day rate of $1,000 which would include roughly 6-7 hours of a day’s work.